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Behind the Shell

Get to Know Mr. Peanut

Behind The Shell
Behind the Shell

Get to Know Mr. Peanut

Since 1916, I, Mr. Peanut, have kept young and spry thanks to my intense daily fitness regimen. Though I may weigh a mere 1.48 ounces while standing at a humble 2.87 inches, don’t underestimate my competitive spirit. My all-time tree-athalon record of 99-0 speaks for itself.

When I’m not spreading the good word about Planters, you might find me pranking unsuspecting squirrels, playing racquetball or reading nature essays to beautiful women in the park. I’ve been known to dabble in the dramatic arts as well, but since most of my projects are confidential, you’ll just have to wait for the premiere of my action-packed TV mini-series.

Though I’m often on the road with the Peanutters, Suffolk, Virginia, is where I call home. Still curious about the Mr. Peanut behind the shell? Like “Mr. Peanut” on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @MrPeanut to come along on the virtual ride of a lifetime.

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Planters Through the Years

Over the course of our history, Planters has come a long way. Whether you’re curious about America’s favorite talking peanut or the growth of the company itself, we’ve got the facts you’re looking for.