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Pi-Zach-Io (Zachary E.)
SHELL-O to my fellow con-nut-sseurs! Pi-Zach-Io’s the name, savory, roasted nuts are my game! I hail from the great state of California and graduated with a degree in Technology Entrepreneurship and Management at Arizona State University. Get stoked for the NUTmobile to cashew (catch you) in your city. All shell will break loose when folks all around proclaim their love for their favorite type of Planters nuts in order to win prizes with the Shout for Nuts game! Let’s get crazy and more importantly go nuts!
Ja-Cashew-lyn (Jaclyn N.)
SHELL-utations, nutty buddies! My name is Ja-Cashew-lyn and I graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual degree in English and Creative Writing. I am tre-almond-ously excited to be cruising the highways of America this year with Mr. Peanut and the NUTmobile in the Central region! Cashew later, we cannut wait to see you!
Pistach-Iara (Iara A.)
Hola and SALT-utations, NUTS! I am Pistach-Iara and I am from South Texas. I recently graduated from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Spanish. I am ecstatic to share an infiNUT amount of fun with you. Look out, the three NUT-keteers are on their way to CASHEW on this year's east to west NUTcracking fest! PE-CAN-NUT wait to meet you!
Sweet N’ Crunchy Kota (Dakota C-L.)
Shell-o , Mr. Peanut fans! Sweet N' Crunchy Kota here, ready for an epic east to west nut crackin' fest. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) with a degree in English and Film as well as a minor in Journalism. I'm passionate about telling stories, and I can't wait to meet and hear from legume lovers all over the country. Cashew on the road!  
Extra Salted Elise (Elise G.)
What's crack-a-lackin' all you LEGUME lovers?! Extra Salted Elise here from Houston, Texas. I'll be keeping it nutty on the West Coast with the unforNUTable Magadamia Nut and PeConner Nutmore. We're ab-SHELLoutely stoked to bring the NUTmobile to a city near you, so come raise shell with us and the always sweet, never salty, Mr. Peanut! Cashew nuts later!
PeConner (Conner P.)
SHELLutations to NUTkuteers across the globe from Mr. PeConner Nutmore! No matter if you’re extra salted or sweet and crunchy, I hope to CASHEW in the west this year where I’m stoked to be hitting the Hazelnut highways with Extra Salted Elise and Magadamia Nut! A graduate of the honey roasted University of Texas at Austin, I majored in Theatre Studies with emphasis in directing. I canNUT wait to find out what’s crack-a-lackin’ on the TRAIL(mix) out west, raising SHELL Shouting for Nuts!
Magadamia Nut (Maggie B.)
SALT-utations fellow legume lovers! My name is Magadamia Nut and I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Journalism. For the first half of my east to west nut crackin’ fest I will be a roasted nut in the West Coast with my partners, Extra Salted Elise and PeConner. Put on your monocles, shout for nuts and get ready for one shell of a time - hope to cashew on the road soon!”
Trail Mix Tanaja (Tanaja W.)
What's crack-a-lackin my nutty friends! I'm Trail Mix Tanaja! I graduated from the University of Missouri–Columbia (MIZ) with a degree in Mass Media Communications and a minor in Business. I am excited to embark on this NUT-rageous East to West Nut cracking fest. We are having a SHELL of a time this year as we shout for nuts about our love for Mr. Peanut. I hope to Cashew on the road! 
Legume Liam (Liam S.)
What’s great my fellow nutty buddies?! I’m Legume Liam, hailing from Chester, New Hampshire and ready to take the NUTmobile on one shell of an east-to-west nut cracking’ fest! I recently graduated from Syracuse University, majoring in Newspaper and Online Journalism while also receiving two minors — one in Marketing and the other in Information Management and Technology. The rest of the Peanutters and I will be bringing our sweet and salty ride to a city near you. I’m pumped to be visiting the Central region of the country with Pistach-Iara and Ja-Cashew-lyn. It’s going to be a shell of a time and I can’t wait to hit the trail (mix)!
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