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Founder of the Planters Peanut Company

Planters began as a vision in the mind of a young Italian immigrant by the name of Amedeo Obici. Obici started his career working as a fruit stand vendor and bellhop in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but he later packed up and moved to nearby Wilkes-Barre. It was there that he purchased a peanut roaster and opened a fruit stand all his own, thus laying the groundwork for the foundation of what would become Planters.

After a few years of fruit stand success, Obici invested in a horse and wagon and gave himself the nickname “The Peanut Specialist.” The turning point in Obici’s business career came in 1906, when he agreed to enter a partnership with Mario Peruzzi, a connoisseur of all things nutty. Peruzzi was crucial to the founding of Planters, as his vast knowledge and unique methods of nut processing far surpassed anything Obici had known before. With just six employees and two roasters, Obici and Peruzzi embarked on the business venture of a lifetime.

Little did they know that the small shop they began in 1906 would grow into the world’s grandest nut company.  From our humble beginnings to our current successes, pioneers like Obici have helped build our reputation by offering superior quality and innovation to nut lovers everywhere.

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Over the course of our history, Planters has come a long way. Whether you’re curious about America’s favorite talking peanut or the growth of the company itself, we’ve got the facts you’re looking for.

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