Where We Work

At PLANTERS, we're proud of where we work. That's why our manufacturing facilities in Fort Smith, AR and Suffolk, VA demonstrate such commitment to the environment and our ongoing sustainability initiatives. A testament to this commitment is our ISO 14001 certification and zero waste to landfill status at both facilities. Suffolk achieved this status in June 2010 and Fort Smith not far behind in March 2012.

From new sorting and recycling processes to energy–efficient lighting, we understand that every little bit truly does help. Here's what our plants are up to:

Fort Smith

We sort our nuts to bring you only the best, and the nuts we don't package are used for things like animal feed and fertilizer on farmland. We refurbished our water management system to reduce consumption by nearly 40%. We use hot steam (instead of chemicals) to clean our unroasted nut varieties to bring you the highest quality product possible.


We are cutting back on energy consumption by using sunlight to brighten the warehouse floor. Since we do use light bulbs, however, we installed motion sensors and timers to minimize our energy usage. We've upgraded our wastewater treatment and air emission systems to further reduce our environmental impact.

The improvements never stop.

Check out what we're doing With Our Packaging and On The Farm.