New Orleans, LA

The New Orleans Planters Grove is located at 2047 Felicity Street in the historic Central City neighborhood. Designed with strong input from the local community, this Planters Grove was inspired with New Orleans influences.

A colorful windowpane display made of reclaimed windows from homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina outlines the peanut-shaped park. The Planters Grove also features a boardwalk entrance, the city's iconic ceramic street tiles, a meadow growing a variety of local plants and flowers and a statue of Mr. Peanut sitting on a peanut-shaped bench to greet visitors.

Many thanks and congratulations go out to The Corps Network and its local member Corps – Limitless Vistas, Inc. and the Louisiana Green Corps/ARC of Greater New Orleans.

Here are some pictures of the Planters Grove's opening on March 23, 2011:

The build site in Central City.

Local corps members assess the plans.

Our backhoe doing some heavy lifting.

The wood framing stands tall and strong, ready to go.

Reclaimed windows from post-Katrina homes add a meaningful touch.

The Corps Network volunteers bringing the park to life.

A New Orleans Second Line's jazz fills the air and celebrates our hard work.

Mr. Peanut looking suave during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Mr. Peanut statue and Planters crew full of Mardi Gras spirit.